Refugee Cultural Nights

This is a way to LEARN from your refugee neighbors. We will have Speakers with Refugee backgrounds and learn from them.


Dates Coming Soon


7:00 P.M.


2500 South State Street
Salt Lake City
Utah 84115

There are approximately

65,000 refugees

living in Utah

Refugees in Utah come from

40+ countries

and speak

20+ languages

Over the past decade, Utah has welcomed

1,100 refugees each year

In 2017, the number dropped to 300

The largest groups are

Iraqi, Bosnian, Somali, and Sudanese



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  • How does the US decide which refugees to admit?

    The U.S. State Department and U.S. Justice Department conduct background checks and interviews with each refugee before they are admitted. Refugees also are given medical tests to determine if they have any contagious diseases such as tuberculosis. They are tested again when they arrive in the U.S. to guard against fraudulent or false results.

  • Who do I contact to find a refugee family/individual in need of mentoring?

    You may contact Asian Association, International Rescue Committee, Catholic Community Services, or contact us and we will help find you find the right program.

  • Who decides how many refugees can come into the US?

    Each year, the President sets a ceiling for refugee admissions. He bases his recommendations on information provided by world refugee relief organizations, including the United Nations, and in consultation with Congress as well as Federal officials who oversee refugee services. Since 2002, the ceiling has been set at 70,000 per year. This ceiling was changed again in 2017 when the Trump administration cut that number down to approximately 23,000.

  • How are the refugees introduced to America?

    Refugees are assigned a case manager through either International Rescue Committee or Catholic Community Services, the organization that assisted in bringing them here to America. This case manager will assist in introducing the refugee to America. This is also where mentors from within the community are extremely beneficial to help the refugees integrate more successfully into the community.