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Refugee Terms

Read below to learn about refugees throughout the world.

Below you will find links to videos and articles about refugees in the US.

American landlords love refugees

Refugees need to find a new home, and we need landlords who will rent to them. Spread the word about how refugees make great renters and truly value their homes. Read on, then share the article with your friends. Learn more.

Learn about a Utah couple making a difference in Jordan

More than 600,000 people have fled to Jordan for refuge from civil wars and conflicts. Read this amazing story about how a local Utah couple is making a difference on the front lines, then pass it on. Learn more.

Learn about helping refugees thrive, not just survive – TED Talk

Learn about over six and a half million Syrian refugees, of which over half are children. They have been forcibly displaced. Every day on average 32,000 people in the world will be forcibly displaced. Learn more.